Current Dialogue: Mixed Media Drawings

The process of balance inherently seeks out opposites.

My work evolves from my ongoing investigation of the interdependency of opposites.

My drawings are the consequence of a meditative exploration of space. I employ the amalgamation of simple marks to create an all-over complex, intriguing surface. These marks may be drawn directly onto the surface or applied with encaustic paint using a writing tool heated by the flame of a candle.

I am captivated by the interaction between the lines. This linear language created through deliberate mark making, sparked by intuition, represents a quest for continuity and an impetus to create balance among antithetical systems such as: stillness and motion, simple and complex, static and vibrant.

Imbalance incites movement; without movement, nothing can be created. This condition between opposing states is necessary for life and creativity.

The pursuit of balance is to recognize that opposites coexist and at any given time one may appear more dominant than the other. It is a constant state of flux that is both required and desired to create art.

Susan J. Thompson



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