Susan J. Thompson grew up in rural New York and studied printmaking at The Swain School of Design in New Bedford, Massachusetts; graduating with honors. The resident-like environment of this small art school proved tremendously liberating. In 1988, the Swain School merged with UMass Dartmouth to expand the College of Visual and Performing Arts, creating a respected, comprehensive arts college.

Susan’s experiences post college included a great deal of travel, and eventual relocation to Boulder, Colorado. While there, she worked as a screen-printer and dark room tech. She spent much time hiking, biking, taking photos, gaining a greater appreciation for and impetus from nature. In 1994, she moved to Steamboat Springs to work as a professional fine art printer at Riverhouse Editions where she worked for ten years. During Susan’s time at the etching studio, she gained an extensive knowledge of printmaking and participated in stimulating interaction with many contemporary artists.

Susan attended an encaustic painting workshop at R & F Encaustic Paints in Kingston, New York. She also studied encaustic monotype with Paula Roland in Santa Fe, New Mexico and has participated in the Annual International Encaustic Painting Conference in 2008, 2009 and 2010.

Thompson is an abstract artist who works primarily with encaustic painting and mixed media collage. Susan’s paintings, rich with texture and color, are developed with layers of encaustic and oil paint; scraping, collage and fine linear elements both incised and drawn. The result is a meditative yet, dynamic energy, balanced with patience and intent.

Thompson is an ardent practitioner of T’ai Chi Ch’uan from the teachings of Master Tung Kai Ying of Los Angeles, California, whose derivation of this martial art is extensive.

Susan maintains residence in Colorado while she appreciates a peripatetic life and extended travel leave. This journey has taken her to many parts of the United States, Argentina and Europe.


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