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The Kistka Drawing Series was inspired by a desire to create thin, precise lines with the encaustic painting medium.

The kistka is a writing tool used traditionally for creating Ukrainian Easter eggs. It is used to draw intricate symbols, designs and lines with beeswax on the eggs in varying layers as a resist to each dye applied to the egg.  The tool seems an appropriate fit for encaustic, which is a beeswax-based paint.

As I experimented more with the tool, it became a very mesmerizing, meditative process.

The kistka is heated with the flame of a candle.  The encaustic paint is then scooped into the small funnel of the tool.  It is periodically swayed through the flame to keep the paint in a molten, flowing state.  The seductive, repetitive nature of the process easily lent itself to creating simple, gestural marks.  The drawings began to take on a fervent quality for me as I applied layers of color using focused, repetitious lines.                                                                                                                                                                                                                      


Kistka Drawing Gallery

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